Advanced Windows calculator replacement. Evaluates mathematical expressions, works on complex numbers, matrices, lists, binary, octal and hexadecimal values, DMS (Degree-minutes-seconds), allows defining custom functions and variables, draw 2D and 3D graphs and more.

ProCalc 1.0.6 setup Downloaded by: 198
ProCalc 1.0.6 portable Downloaded by: 88


A launcher, making Start Menu obsolete. Searches through installed programs, Control Panel applets, files on your drives, allows defining shortcuts to folders, applications and URLs and more.

Z launcher Downloaded by: 99


An offline log file analyzer. Parses logs automatically with a regular expression and handles big logs (tested with around 1,000,000 lines). Features include filtering and highlighting logs based on set of rules, making annotations, bookmarks, exporting to HTML and more. Registered version enables one to write Python scripts to automate log analysis.

LogAnalyzer Downloaded by: 57