LogAnalyzer is offline log analysis tool. You can import big log sets (tested on 1,000,000 lines) and use advanced tools to analyze them.

Basic features

LogAnalyzer offers the following functions:

  • Accepting logs from a single file, multiple files (with automatic sorting if parser provides a date for entry) or clipboard
  • Two log parsers: basic, which treats whole line as log message and advanced, which allows breaking log entry to columns via regular expressions
  • Defining log parser profiles for specific log types; LogAnalyzer suggests, which parser profiles match selected log
  • Filtering and highlighting based on set of rules
  • Searching for all entries matching specific criteria and quick search
  • Profiling – measuring time between log entries
  • Annotations and bookmarks
  • Exporting selected logs to plain or styled HTML

Advanced features

After registration, application unlocks the following additional features:

  • Python scripting for advanced automated log analysis
  • Storing filter and highlight profiles for later reuse