ProCalc is a freeware program, so you can use it freely both for non-commercial and commercial purposes. I’ve put much effort to make my program as good as possible, but it still may contain bugs, which may affect the accuracy of calculations or possibly damage your computer in other way. I will try to fix all reported bugs, but I take no responsibility for any damage my program can make. You use it at your own risk.

When you download and run the program, it works in basic mode. Most of the functions are available, the program is fully-functional, contains no nag-screens, banners, commercials and so on; however, the more advanced functions are disabled and available only for donors, who support development of the ProCalc project. Please note, that in the future development more features will be added – both basic and advanced.

I have decided, that there is no minimum price for my program – you can choose, how much is it worth for you and pick your own amount of money. I will generate a license key for any donation you’ll make.

If you wish to donate and obtain the license key to unlock the advanced features, please use the following form to make a donation. After doing so, please send me an email with operation details (such that I can identify your donation) and I’ll generate and send your license key. Use the Help | Register… menu to install the license into ProCalc. Please do not distribute the license keys. I would rather spend my time on developing useful features for ProCalc rather than improving its security.

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For legal reasons: this page is not a commercial offer. Neither the ProCalc, nor any other program is sold on these pages. Donations are made out of good will of the donors.