• Rc Assistant – Android app

    18 April 2017 / Tools

    I started development of new Android application: Rc Assistant.

  • Learning music on your mobile?

    31 March 2017 / Music

    Some time ago, I decided to start getting to work by means of public communication. Since it took over an hour to get there, I started thinking, how can I spend this time more fruitfully than simply staring out of a window.

  • Music Trainer 1.2.1 released!

    28 March 2017 / Tools

    A new version of MusicTrainer just got released. In this release: Fixed a lot of smaller and bigger bugs Added statistics – now you can track your daily progress

  • Article: writing Android Studio code templates

    01 January 2017 / Publications

    My article has been published in Polish monthly magazine “Programista”. Inside I show, how one can write own code templates for Android Studio.

  • Articles: MVVM in Android

    01 November 2016 / Publications

    Series of my articles has been published in Polish monthly magazine “Programista”. The articles shows, how to write Android applications according to MVVM pattern.