Z is a lightweight, yet quite powerful launcher for Windows. It allows you quickly access various areas of your computer with only a few keystrokes required. It’s flexible, because you can define your own shortcuts. And if that’s not enough, you may take advantage of its extensibility and quickly write your own modules, thanks to simple-to-use API (sample C# module source code is included with the installation files).


Z allows you to quickly access the following:

  • Perform Google searches, as well as Google Maps, StackOverflow.com, DevDocs.io, Wikipedia and more.
    Z - Google search
  • Evaluate mathematical expressions (functionality is equivalent to ProCalc – it uses the same engine).
    Z - calculator
  • Access Control Panel entries
  • Access desktop shortcuts
  • Browse through files on your computer
  • Compute MD5 and SHA1 hashes
  • Kill processes
  • Shutdown or reboot your computer
  • Access your project folders
  • Access shell folders and places
  • Access Start Menu programs

Working modes

You can search for things in two ways:

  • Directly – Z will show you all matching entries.
  • If you want to use specific module to search, use keyword (list of keywords is provided when you type “?”

Displaying and hiding

Wherever you are, simply press Alt+Space to bring Z window to the front (you can change this shortcut if you want). If you don’t want to perform search, press Escape to clean the input field and then Escape again to hide Z.