Advanced text editor for programmers and IT professionals that colors the syntax and offers a number of features to simplify editing and viewing of text files. Find out more

Download “Dev.Editor” setupDevEditor.exe – Downloaded 308 times – 4 MB


A powerful launcher that successfully replaces the Start menu. “Z” speeds up navigation in the file system, among installed programs and various places in the operating system. It also allows you to define shortcuts to applications, places and websites and to build a quick access menu. Also includes a calculator. Find out more…

Download “Z” setupZ.exe – Downloaded 286 times – 2 MB


Log file analysis tool. It parses logs from one or more files using regular expressions, and then allows filtering, coloring and searching for entries, profiling the application based on logs, and, if necessary, also automatic log analysis using scripts written in Python. Find out more …

Download “LogAnalyzer” setupLogAnalyzer.exe – Downloaded 320 times – 6 MB


Board allows you to manage columns and cards – it is an extended version of sticky notes, similar to Trello. It is however a desktop application – all entered information is stored only locally and user has full control over it. It’s a useful tool for organizing your tasks.

Download “Board” setupBoard.exe – Downloaded 144 times – 13 MB

Embedded Font Editor

Visual font editor for ILI9341_t3 library. If you want to donwload it, most likely you know anyway what is it all about. If not, take a look on Teensy webpage.

Download “Embeeded font editor” – Downloaded 561 times – 860 KB