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Board is a tool to organize information – it is an extended version of a board with sticky notes. If you know Trello, you should feel like home, because Board’s interface is based on this popular service. However – in contrast to Trello – Board keeps all information locally, on your drive.

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Macro Keyboard

Do you know Elgato Stream Deck? It is a fantastic macro keyboard consisting of programmable keys displaying custom images. It allows you to automate numerous things including entering key sequences, running programs or websites, controlling specific software and more. Moreover you can extend its capabilities by writing your own plugins. And don’t get fooled by the “stream” in its name.

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Dev.Editor and Z update

New versions of Z and Dev.Editor can be downloaded from the Download section. A list of changes: Z Version 1.0.1 – May 20, 2021 Turkish locale bug fixes Transition to .NET Framework 4.7.2, application only available in 64-bit mode Search results are now grouped Added Morse encoder / decoder Search results are now better sorted so that better matches appear

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